The story behind Fifth Generation & Tanner Trading in the Southwest Indian Art industry


For over 5 generations, we have been providing our customers with an authentically-curated collection of handcrafted Native American fine jewelry and art throughout the greater Southwest.

At Tanner Trading, we are extremely passionate about the American Southwest. We believe not only in American made, but Native American made. It has been our mission to cultivate relationships, share stories and spotlight the talent and creativity of our Native American artists. 

Just as in our stores, throughout our website, you will find hand picked one-of-a-kind jewelry, new and vintage weavings, handmade pottery, decor and new old west couture. 

What sets Tanner Trading apart from other modern turquoise traders, is our belief in the support and opportunities given to the artists behind every handmade Native American piece of work. 

Since the beginning we have leaned on the phrase "Experience The Tradition". As you enter our stores, we want you to feel the history, legacy and creative spirit within this sacred community of artists. There is depth and meaning beyond our comprehending woven into the fabric of these one-of-a-kind creations.
When you leave with an item from our stores we hope you will feel transported to an other time and space in history, and feel connected to something much bigger than ourselves.  We hope you will join us in continuing this legacy of craftsmanship found in the relationships we have formed with some of the worlds greatest artisans.